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Photo: Mel Reynolds

Photo: Mel Reynolds

Saturday mornings are really a continuation of the evenings before, having hardly slept in anticipation and staying busy with preparation for the upcoming game. Football season feels as if it never ends and, for me, it really doesn’t. Oregon Football isn’t just a sport, it’s my livelihood. I live, work and breathe as a member of The Duck Store Web team, serving students, faculty and fans of the University of Oregon.

I unfortunately don’t get to attend game days at Autzen stadium, but I’m right there with you every Saturday if only through a phone line. The distant cheer echoing through Eugene is brought to my ears by fans telephoning our call center, whether they’re looking to purchase the latest jersey they saw a player wearing, or wanting to spread the news of the latest record-breaking feat by the Oregon team, or simply because they just need a little help navigating those pesky one-way streets in Eugene before they miss the big play. In between touchdowns, and sometimes during, I’m there. The excitement coming through the phone line brings me right into the stands. I can literally feel the energy of Autzen stadium.

Then there comes the silence. There is always a lull in phone calls right after a big win when everyone is celebrating and cheering. It’s then that I know to prepare myself for the incoming calls and I almost want to turn down the volume on the headset to brace myself, but I don’t. You can’t turn down Oregon pride. Our fans are loud, proud and unapologetically Ducks. The calls come bursting through and their voices can hardly be heard through their excitement. This is when I really feel like I’m part of the Oregon experience. This is how I Game Day.

Oregon Football is not just a sport. It’s a culture that has reached beyond the small pond of Eugene and into the hearts of Ducks everywhere. I’m genuinely proud to be a member of the flock and to be serving the fans of the University of Oregon, not just during Game Day, but every day.

Our Call Center is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PST. We will be open Saturdays 10 a.m.-3 p.m. starting November 29th through December 21st.

Give us a call locally at (541) 346-9495 or toll free (800) 352-1733. Go Ducks!



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